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About Miriam

Founder of the Wig Clinic, Miriam Moylette is Ireland’s leading expert in medical wigs and with years of experience working with clients suffering the trauma of alopecia or hair loss.

Trained by renowned hairdresser David Marshall, she had many years of experience as a hairdresser before getting involved in the wig business some 20 years ago. After witnessing the distress caused by hair loss due to illness, Miriam set out to offer a holistic and compassionate service which considers both the physical and psychological needs of her clients at The Wig Clinic.

Her professional experience and knowledge in all of the aspects of designing a wig - cutting and styling, measuring and moulding – ensures that clients at The Wig Clinic can be assured of the highest level of customer service.

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Galway Clinic: 32 Newcastle Rd., Galway.
Athlone Clinic: 4 Garden Vale, Athlone.
Tullamore Clinic: Drumhill House, Arden Rd., Tullamore.
Call Miriam on 086-8385097