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Caring for your wig

There are two types of wig - synthetic and human hair- each of which requires a careful approach when it comes to care and maintenance.

A good care regime ensures that your wig or hairpiece stays looking better for longer.

Synthetic hair wigs

Remove all tangles with thorough brushing before any washing commences. Wigs washed while tangled may prove impossible to comb or brush later if this pre-wash procedure is ignored.

Fill a bowl or basin with lukewarm water - NEVER HOT as this will cause the base materials to stretch out of shape or cause loss of colour or curl. Apply shampoo to the water and lather. Immerse wig or hairpiece into the water and lightly shampoo as if washing a delicate fabric.

NEVER rub vigorously. A good tip is to leave the wig to soak in the shampoo and water for 5 minutes before washing. This will loosen any debris and require less rubbing friction. Repeat the washing procedure if you feel that the first wash has not fully cleaned the hair or fibre.

Using a jug of cold water, rinse the shampoo from the wig until the water runs clear of suds. Always rinse the shampoo off with the water flowing in the direction of the hair or fibre i.e. from the roots to the ends. A good tip is to soak in fabric softener for about 5 minutes every second or third wash as this helps to keep the fibres and base soft.

After rinsing, the wig should be placed on a flat towel to have the excess water dabbed away. Lightly spray lubricant onto the wig after towel drying to aid later brushing, and to return oils lost during the washing procedure.

Comb or brush the fibre hair lightly into the direction of the finished style. Allow to completely dry off at room temperature. Make sure the wig base is completely dry, as it will stretch if worn otherwise.

Synthetic hair wigs are susceptible to heat damage and should never be blow-dried or brought into contact with any heated appliances. They can also be damaged by excessive friction such as that associated with rubbing against high collars. It is also important to note that they cannot be bleached or dyed. 

Human hair wigs

The cleansing regime is similar to that with synthetic hairpieces but they must be moisturised daily with a suitable moisturising product and fabric softener is never used. They can be blow-dried, but only using no higher than a medium heat setting on the blow-drier. Some human hairpieces require extra care and full advice and demonstration will be given at the Wig Clinic.


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