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After the initial shock of the cancer diagnosis wears off- and it will- and your mind turns to the practical arrangements that have to be made regarding treatment and recovery, I can only stress the importance of living life as normally as possible under the circumstances at this time.

Unfortunately, Chemotherapy has the ability to change our appearance temporarily whilst working on the disease, and one aspect that will have to be dealt with will be the resulting hair loss, and whilst it is traumatic at the time, undermining self confidence, I believe that it is important to take appropriate steps to minimise these effects where possible- always remembering that it is only temporary and that it will grow back again in time. Bearing in mind that positivity can only have a good effect on recovery, I cannot overemphasise the importance of being surrounded by positive, encouraging people at this time - be they professional medical personnel, family and others- which is where
Miriam and The Wig Clinic come in.

It was with great reluctance and trepidation that I made my first appointment to meet Miriam at The Wig Clinic- but I needn’t have worried. Firstly, having already researched wig suppliers and visited two larger salons in the area I was struck by the discreet entrance to the lovely, bright modern hair salon- that I had never noticed before - and I quickly realised that I was dealing with a professional, discreet, encouraging and sensitive person who was at pains to put me at ease and to help me to choose a wig that would suit me, that would be as close as possible to my own hair- which was important to me. I could tell by Miriam’s own stylish appearance that she had an eye for fashion and trends  and she was full of ideas to lessen the impact of the situation. At this vulnerable time it is important to have guidance and expert opinion and friends were always welcome to attend with me if desired. Cost and methods of payment were the last element to be mentioned- finding the right product came first- but it was made clear that wigs/scarves were available to suit every pocket.

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