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Frequently Asked Questions

I've been told I'm going to lose my hair - what is the first thing I should do?

Make an appointment as soon as possible to come for a consultation. It is easier for us to match your hair colour, texture and style while you still have your hair. If you have already lost your hair bring a recent photograph.

What should I do when I begin to lose my hair?

Some people choose to cut off the remaining hair at the first sign of hair loss and start wearing the hairpiece. We are happy to do this for you in our private fitting room. Others wait until the hair has fallen out naturally. It is a very personal choice.

How long will it take to order my wig or hairpiece?

We have a large selection of wigs in stock. If we have to order one for you it will take 3-7 working days. Therefore, if you are due to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment likely to cause hair loss, it is recommended to order before you start your treatment.

Will my hair grow back after chemotherapy?

Your hair always grows back after chemotherapy. In fact your hair never stops growing during treatment, the chemotherapy drugs just cause the hair to break beneath the surface of the scalp. However, the hair root is not damaged and after treatment the hair grows back again at quarter to half an inch a month

Can I wear the hairpiece all the time?

Yes, but we recommend not in bed as the friction against the pillow can cause frizzing.

Can a hair piece blow off?

It is important to select a hairpiece that fits you properly. You can adjust the size of all hairpieces. We will show you how to do this and demonstrate how to put your hairpiece on so it is undetectable. A double sided hypoallergenic tape can be used to secure the hairpiece.

Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster?

There are lots of old wives' tales but the honest answer is no, just let nature take its course. Wearing a hairpiece does not damage the scalp or inhibit the hair from growing back.

When can I colour or have a body wave in my hair?

Check with your doctor or nurse. We recommend waiting six to twelve months before applying a permanent colour or body wave. You may use a colour that does not contain ammonia or peroxide but these do not provide much cover for grey. We will be happy to discuss all options available to you. A word of warning: Your first colour or body wave will usually take quicker than usual so be sure to tell your hairdresser.

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