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It’s important that you give yourself time to prepare and come to terms with your hair loss. The ideal time to schedule a consultation at The Wig Clinic is when you hair is still growing normally, before beginning chemotherapy or after your first treatment.

It all starts with a consultation and everything is designed towards finding the best wig for you in terms of colour, cut, base, hair length, hair direction and hair thickness.

At The Wig Clinic we offer our clients the choice of the best wigs available on the market and our extensive collection features the most up to date wigs of the highest quality in a fabulous range of styles and cuts ensuring you find a natural looking wig similar to your usual hair style, if that’s what you want. 

The onset of hair loss is often the first time your illness is visible to others. A wig allows you to prevent others from detecting your hair loss and gives you the opportunity to let people know on your terms if and when you’re ready.

For long term hair loss sufferers, custom made wigs are the perfect solution for long term hair loss, helping you ensure you live a full and active life the way you want without compromise.

At The Wig Clinic we also offer the full range of wig accessories and care products including masking lotions and sprays.


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